Parts and components for sprayers

Since the start of the company in 1983, Poland-based Agroplast has been continuously thriving in its pursuit for high
standard solutions in agricultural machinery. The company focused on a vast range of components for
spraying machines and over the years it has put a huge
efort in developing its ofer both in terms of variety of
products, but most of of all, in the ongoing improvement of
our products' quality. This approach enabled to place Agroplast among world's leading manufacturers of sprayer system components.
Today, the company enjoys a proven quality record of
products, confrmed in quality certifcates issued by
international standardizing authorities.
Agroplast's current offering includes:
1. Wide range of top quality ceramic nozzles for agriculture and horticulture, certified by ENTAM
2. Nozzle holders and bodies
3. Suction filters and pressure filters
4. Variety of pumps (offering 2 years warranty)
5. Other parts and accessories for sprayers

Agroplast - producer of quality parts for sprayers

What we offer

Agroplast is a market leader among producers of sprayer components in Central and Eastern Europe. With over 30 years experience, the company have developed a wide range of products, fullflling almost every need of sprayers manufacturers. We ofer a variety of nozzles, nozzle holders, pumps, flters, boom accessories and other spare parts, fully interchangable with all major manufacturers around the world.
The flagship line of Agroplast's ceramic nozzles undergoes the same process of certifcation by ENTAM as the world leaders in this area, offering equal quality and operational parameters. Yet, due to the unique know-how and the location of its production plants in Poland, Agroplast's products are highly price competitive, compared to the more renowned international brands.

What we are looking for

As we are dynamically expanding our international operations, we will be very happy to meet the following partners:

1. Producers of sprayers, looking to explore interesting opportunities in terms of high quality components' suppliers. We are happy to provide all sorts of test assembling packages, should your company be willing to test out our products, so you you can asssess our quality of products yourself. We are also happy to carry out any additional testing or certification if required by your supply policy.

2. Wholesalers and distributors looking to expand their offering with top quality parts and accessories at reasonable prices. Agroplast has a standardised pricing policy around the world, enabling our partners to generate attractive margins, regardless of their country of origin.


  • Fertilizing
  • Plant protection
  • Components, spare parts, accessories


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