Corrosion Protection

From Württemberg court supplier to high-performance corrosion protection experts.
Since over 125 years, we deal with corrosion protection systems for automobiles and industry, have always been reliable and dedicated work for our customers. Pfinder operates independent and global. The main development and production is in Böblingen go hand in hand, what the customer guarantee maximum flexibility and quality. Our products are adapted to the needs of our customers. We are working for you for the best possible protection for cavities, underbody, transport and outdoor storage.

Innovation in Corrosion protection

What we offer

The close relationship to the customer and the realization of customer needs in the development of high-quality corrosion protection products distinguishes us today as a competent and reliable partner for problem solutions in the automotive and industrial sector, and it will continue to do so in the future.
We offer you underbody and cavity waxes solvent free with high performance.
Also we have special solutions for corrosion protection to ship big engines, cars and machine parts easy.
Finally your good should receive your customer without corrosion.

What we are looking for

We are looking for dealer in Europe which have interesting in resell high performance corrosion protection products.
We are looking for customers in agriculture area which need solutions for corrosion protection


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