NIK Agro Service LTD is located in Bulgaria. It is a part of NIK`s group of companies, well known as the leader in the field of precision farming solution in Bulgaria.
The company owns one of the biggest labs for soil and plant analysis on the Balkans and provides services ide range of services for soil mapping in Bulgaria. For partners outside the country the company provides soil and plant analysis made in its modern lab.
The second main focus of the company is software development for agricultural sector under the brands TechnoFarm ( and GeoSCAN. GeoSCAN is an online based software platform for crop monitoring, based on a satellite imagery and could be found at the company`s booth at Agritechnica.

Soil and plant analysis

What we offer

NIK Agro Service Ltd owns the most productive lab for soil analysis on the Balkan Peninsula with daily capacity of more than 200 soil samples analyzed.
We provide soil analysis for micro and macro elements, determination of Soil reaction, organic content in the soil , mechanical structure and others.
Regarding the plant analysis we can provide analysis of a wide range of micro and macro elements.
All the results can be accessed online on the same day when the analysis` process is finished.

What we are looking for

NIK Agro Service Ltd is looking for partners and customers with a need for fast soil and plant analysis on all kind of crops - wheat, corn, rape, fruits and vegetables.
We can provide table data with the results as long as interpretation of the analysis with text and digital soil maps.


  • Fertilizing
  • Plant protection
  • Fruit, vegetables and other special crops
  • Equipment and software for process optimization
  • Others



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