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The Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim is a European center of agricultural engineering research at the nexus between biological and technical systems. Research targets a knowledge-based bioeconomy. ATB is developing highly innovative and efficient technologies for the use of natural resources in agricultural production systems - from basic research to application. Climate change and the incipient changes in the structure of agriculture represent particular challenges for agricultural engineering research.
ATB has multi-disciplinary research teams with currently about 250 staff members. It is corefunded by the Federal Government and the State of Brandenburg. Third-party funds cover 35% of its budget. Intensive collaboration with universities, non-university research institutions and enterprises on national and EU/international level contributes largely to elaborate solutions for the agricultural and food industry.

Efficient technologies for grain drying and SRC harvesting

What we offer

At AgriTechnica2015 we present new developments in the fields of energy efficient drying technologies and the efficient harvesting of Short Rotation Coppices.
- New apparatus design for mixed flow dryers allowing to homogenize the drying process and thus resulting in less grain moisture fluctuations and increased grain quality as well as energy efficiency.
- An efficient harvest line for Short Rotation Coppice with a new mower chipper characterized by simple structure and easy operation. It is attached in front of a tractor, separates and shreds the trees in a vertical position and throws the chips on a means of transport. It can be operated with tractors with an engine power of 75 kW and is suitable for the use on small-size acreage.

What we are looking for

We are looking for industry partners for research and development projects. Our expertise covers a.o.:
Harvest processes and machinery for producing energy wood from short rotation coppice and agroforestry agro wood
Storage systems and drying processes for wood chips
Energy analyses and technology assessment for agro wood production (cultivation, harvest, transport and storage)
Energy efficient and quality assuring processes for preservation (drying, ventilation, cooling) and refinement of agricultural products
Heat pump assisted drying processes
Mathematical modeling and experimental investigation of coupled heat and mass transfer
Application of numerical methods such as CFD and DEM for complex particle and air flows
Scale-up and transfer of the results into industrial practice.


  • Harvesting
  • Harvest conditioning, conveying, preservation and storage
  • Energy Plants Production/ Renewable Raw Materials


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