Agricultural Services

Based out of Nebraska in the United States, RAAFT Tracks reduce or eliminate pivot ruts to keep irrigation pivots from getting stuck.

For the past 9 years RAAFT Tracks have been used on pivots in the U.S., and can also be found in Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

Our Tracks come pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.

Fits Tire Sizes:
11 x 22.5, 11.2 x 24, 11 x 24.5, 11.2 x 38, 14.9 x 24

RAAFT Tracks by PolyTech LLC

What we offer

RAAFT Tracks are the ideal choice for farmers running irrigation pivots, to keep their pivot from getting stuck. RAAFT Tracks wrap around your existing tire to provide 5-8x more surface area than standard tires. Designed for mud and water they reduce or even eliminate pivot ruts. RAAFT Tracks are also environmentally friendly being 100% recyclable.

What we are looking for

RAAFT is currently looking for international distributors and/or dealers.


  • Irrigation and drainage



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