Software development for agriculture

Techno Farm LTD is a Bulgarian company, partner with NIK Agro Service LTD.
We are developing several software solutions for the agricultural business, among which is the platform GeoSCAN - annual service for crop health`s monitoring, which will be shown in Agritechnica in cooperation with NIK Agro Service LTD and the software platform TechnoFarm which helps Bulgarian farmers in their farm management processes.

GeoSCAN - program for crop health monitoring

What we offer

Our expertise lies in providing near-real time satellite derived information for better and more accurate decision making for precision agriculture applications.
GeoSCAN uses new generation indicator for crop monitoring compared to the most commonly used NDVI. The GeoSCAN index is derived from high-resolution satellite imagery and is accommodating better crop development monitoring compared to other available solutions in the market, since it is more sensitive to chlorophyll content, biomass estimation and photosynthetic activity of crops. GeoSCAN provides to customers better crop monitoring and decision making solutions.
- Crop development monitoring from farm to field level;
- Precision agriculture solutions using satellite imagery;
- Available on mobile devices;

Our company additionally provides software developing services for the agricultural sector.

What we are looking for

We are searching for partners in precision agriculture sector for possible integration of our product in their services.

The GeoSCAN product can be beneficial for growers, lenders, retailers, manufacturers, and insurers worldwide.


  • Plant protection
  • Equipment and software for process optimization
  • Others


Software development manager

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