Services for farm operations management and crop monitoring

GEOSYS – international agronomic company, that allows remote monitoring of the development of crops at any time.

As a member of Land O’ Lakes, a member-owned cooperative, GEOSYS understands the difficult conditions of farming, along with high costs for raw materials and comodity price volatility. We design easy to use tools for farmers, distributors, seed and crop protection manufacturers, lenders and insurers.

GEOSYS delivers frequent, fresh and science-based insights from satellite technology and weather models allowing remote monitoring of crop development anywhere.

GEOSYS is the only digital agriculture partner founded by agronomists and acting at a global scale. Our dual expertise — in agriculture and technology has been at the core of our commitment to our clients for 25 years. With best-in-class digital agriculture solutions based on the most accurate data and expert analysis, GEOSYS plays a leading role in the new agricultural revolution

Crop monitoring and Field operations decision support tools

What we offer

Croptical™ Monitoring Solution - Fresh insights on crop performance from farm to intra-field level over large areas. Croptical™ is a service that helps ag retails, farm managers, and seed companies monitor fields thanks to daily data on crop condition, weather information and historical data on each field.

Farmsat™ Mapping Application - Agronomic solutions to optimize input placement based on archive and in-season satellite imagery.
 In season solution optimizes fertilizer placement at key development stages of your crops
 Smart Soil solution automatically creates consistent management zones and optimize soil sampling costs

Agriquest™ Global Monitoring - Interactive worldwide crop monitoring solution built on independent agronomic expertise

GEOSYS Bridge™ API - Scalable, accurate and easily integrated APIs for your custom applications


  • Soil working and seed-bed preparation
  • Fertilizing
  • Plant protection
  • Equipment and software for process optimization
  • Farm inputs


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