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Located in Augsburg/Munich Region, Bavaria, Arnold Kemkemer provides with his Company SIQRON agrar a new Level of comprehensive services for product development, sales & distribution development and marketing management focused on agricultural engineering.
With over 30 years of experience in agriculture and in the international agricultural industry SIQRON agrar is the right partner to start your business in the German or in other European markets. Our working methods and the international network of experienced specialists enables an efficient and successful market access for your company and your products. Our strategies are long termed and based on loyalty, partnership and a winning spirit.
SIQRON agrar - we develop your market potential

Product Development
Entering a new market, you want to be sure that your product has the right specification and meets the customer demands.
SIQRON analyze the product development holistically.
Customers’ communication, trend analysis and benchmarking are incorporated into the business strategy. We evolve concrete measures for development and adaptation or improvement of products, we service and implement this together with our clients.

Sales & Distribution Development
Business success that is planned in the long term requires the customized expansion and further development of your company’s sales & distribution activities.
SIQRON takes a close look with you to distribution and sales activities, we set up your distribution or elaborate measures for development, expansion or optimization.

Marketing Management
SIQRON develops a 360° perspective allowing to create an objective, overall picture of your business. The result is tailor-made measures and cost plans, professional implementation and success control of marketing activities and strategies.

Trading & Services
SIQRON takes over responsibility for the distribution of your products or the support of your distribution partners on the long run and in partnership. With individual strategies and new concepts, we ensure the success of our partners.

SIQRON agrar - We Develop Your Market Potenial

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