Heat Exchangers Manufacturer

Established in 1979, Autocool has been the forefront of the automotive climate control market and the region for more than two decades by supplying some of the most recognized global automotive brands with quality products.

Autocool specializes in automotive air conditioning components with special emphasis on heat exchangers (condensers, heater and evaporators) and refrigerant tubes and hoses. Agile and lean operations setup allows total flexibility in terms of both quantity and product size; this applies to tube and fin as well as Aluminum parallel flow heat exchangers.

Working closely to OEM’s and being a licensee from a number of the global giants in the field, added to Autocool’s O.E. culture and quality realization. This also led to acquiring a number of quality certifications such as: ISOTS16949 and ISO18001.

Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Evaporators, Heaters, Oil Coolers, Bus A/C Units, Pipes and Hoses


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