Netmade is a dynamic Business Network of 5 Italian SMEs that in 2010 decided to join together, share values, skills, expertise and enter the market as single entity, in order to offer a 360° view on the Rubber & Plastics world.
Netmade has set as its goal to follow Customers' projects providing them a complete service as sole supplier in many different fields: R&D, product engineering, mould construction, plastic injection moulding (also in ISO 8 Clean Room), thermoforming, blow moulding, rubber processing, post-production workings and finishings.
The Net serves various sectors, including the agricultural one, to which it can supply different items, such as tanks, sumps, impellers, seats, handles, hoses, sleeves, rollers, gaskets, protective devices, agricultural machinery components in general and many others.
Furthermore Netmade gives a high profile to Metal Replacement, i.e. the substitution of metal alloys with technopolymers, in order to create high technical products cutting costs.

Netmade - Rubber & Plastics Business Network

What we offer

Netmade sets itself as sole supplier for many different technologies: it is able to provide an integrated offer to its Customers, thanks to the fact that each skill and production process phase is available within the Net.
This innovative order management method allows cost and time optimization and lets the Customer take advantage from the specialization and the shared expertise of the Companies belonging to the Net.

What we are looking for

Customers' project development.


  • Tractors
  • Mobile loading machines
  • Transport technology
  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Harvesting
  • Machinery and equipment for forest management, municipal applications and landscape care
  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing
  • Components, spare parts, accessories
  • Others


Net Commercial Manager

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