Reikälevy Oy designs and produces parts as a supplier for several recognized international industries and machineries.
SAMI is the brand products coming out of the factory, stamped on different equipments for agriculture and wood energy production, such as sprayers, grain silos, spreaders, conveyors, and firewood processor.
The SAMI Autochopper is the most advanced firewood processor in Europe, completely automated. New major improvements are presented in Agritechnica.
The SAMI Sprayer 4500 is the larger model for current agriculture needs, until 28 m boom, totally new and introduced for the first time in Agritechnica.

Meet us easily! Call SAMI export salesman Thibault Charlois +358 40 138 4921 (English/Français/Suomeksi/Deutsch).

SAMI Autochopper

What we offer

SAMI Autochopper is the first full automated firewood processor. Commercialised mainly in Finland since 2010, KoneAgria Innovation Award the same year, it has been constantly under development and improvement since then.
Conveying, sawing and splitting energy wood logs to firewood, up to 40 cm diameter, in different modes: manual, semi-auto, automatic, non-stop and double-cut. It requires one single operator to "overview" the whole process of production, making him free to load more wood while the machine is functioning.
Sturdy structure, sensor technology, efficient and fast cut, complete safety.
Major improvements are presented in Agritechnica 2015: more ergonomy, more reliability, brand new hydraulic pump for even more efficiency.

What we are looking for

We are looking for new contacts in distribution for the SAMI Autochopper, to handle sales and after sale service. We grant marketing and technical support, as well as formation. Interested by reliable and long term partnerships, notably in Germany, France, Danemark, Italia, United Kingdom and other countries.


  • Energy Plants Production/ Renewable Raw Materials


SAMI Export Salesman

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