production of tillage machineries

Our flagship product is in fact the spading machine, machine that, is still struggling to be known on a large scale by all the farmers. The advantages of digging compared to conventional processes such as plowing or milling are many: lower fuel consumption per hour, burying of crop residues more homogeneous, non-formation of the sole of deep processing and therefore greater permeability of the soil, the lower Clod. The cultures where it is most commonly used are: vegetables, fruit trees, olive groves and vineyards,
We also produce post hole diggers and augers to plant trees, poles, replace dead plants in the vineyard etc.., rear scrapers and land levellers.
Already for almost 20 years we have added to these agricultural products also aerators for turf. A product that approaches more to the professional gardening, useful for those who make maintenance of soccer fields, golf courses, baseball and cricket fields, racecourses, and also in the vineyard / orchard.

specialized machines for working the soil in horticolture, orchards and vineyards

What we offer

Our company was founded in 1969 by Franco Selvatici, it has always been characterized to produce high-tech implements for intensive agriculture and high productivity. The historical production site has remained in San Lazzaro, in the province of Bologna in the establishment of Rodriguez Street, 4. The reliability of Selvatici products is the fruit of highlyspecialized construction, based on four generations of experience. Design has always taken particular account of the distribution of weight and working dimensions, sa as to prevent useless overloading of the tractors, whÏch would mean increased risks when working on a slape, and to facilitate transit on roads and maneuvers in restricted spaces.

What we are looking for

new dealers, new importers, new distributors in the countries where we are not present.
Mainly Australia, Far East, South America and Africa.
We are open also to technical transfert of technology.


  • Soil working and seed-bed preparation
  • Fruit, vegetables and other special crops
  • Machinery and equipment for forest management, municipal applications and landscape care



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