Drones and multispectral cameras

Cyberfed is located in Rovereto (TN), North East of Italy, in a Meccathronic Center area of the Trentino- Alto Adige autonomous province. It is UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and multispectral camera developing and manufacturing company and supplies surveys operations services with drones to the private and public company also. Cyberfed is becoming a training and excellence center for UAVs flights in Italy approved by authority. Properly Cyberfed is working with other partner companies to comply with the precision farming targets, applying the last technologies in the remote piloting systems and multispectral sensors.

Drones and multispectral cameras

What we offer

Cyberfed manufactures multirole drones equipped with its own multispectral cameras. The drones flies with automatic navigation system and they are able to cover hectars of crops. The Cyberfed camera reads the actual greeness of the vegetation with a high sensitive sensor and after flight, it is able to transfer these data quickly in the data system to be processed soon in the NDVI map.
Cyberfed manufactures either drones or cameras so the customer can buy both separately

What we are looking for

Cyberfed is looking for:
1) Companies (farming or machinery) they want to integrate the drones equipped with multispectral camera to their own machines to have proper greeness data to inspect the health or the growth of the crops
2) Service companies they want to install the multispectral camera on their drones to carry out precision farming analysis on the crops for their customers


  • Plant protection
  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing
  • Others



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