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Giuliani Srl, located in Suzzara - Mantova (Italy), produces hydraulic cylinders for steering axles, complete subroups for earthmoving equipment and industrial vehicles and for specific uses. The company is strongly geared towards innovation, the effectiveness of corporate systems as well as supplying products services that are increasingly responsive to customer needs. To note the interesting achievements of the integration between electronics and mechanics. Giuliani Srl succeeds in fulgilling its customer's needs from the planning or co-planning stage right through to the approval and testing of new products, in accordance with individual customer specifications.Throughout the engineering stage, the company supplies the necessary know-how into the creation of new high-tec and high-performance products, using their own resources, 3D design tools and specific software for the structural modelling and testing of the various elements that have been designed.


What we offer

Giuliani Srl specializes in cylinder production. Our values: customer service, co-design, flexibility, on time delivery, after-sales service. Steering cylinders are able to provide the necessary information to assisted driving systems and with the utmost precision and reliability. Suspension cylinders for applications on axle suspension systems, trailers and cabins. Cylinders for marine applications made guarantee excellent corrosion resistance. Lifting cylinders for applications on agricultural, earthmoving, forestry and industrial machinery. Tilt cylinders for applications on forklift truck. Negative brake cylinders for parking brake on earthmoving machinery, trailers, etc.

What we are looking for

The corporate structure allows for Giuliani srl to be a reliable partner able to support clients in all needs by establishing a relationship of deep collaboration and sinergy. While design and production are the very core of the business, special attention is also paid to after-sales services and this is what constitutes the true added value of Giuliani srl: a comprehensive support service that is flexible, efficient and fast, and which unites customer and supplier in their quest for excellence in technology and outstanding innovation.


  • Tractors
  • Mobile loading machines
  • Transport technology
  • Harvesting
  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing
  • Components, spare parts, accessories


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