Firewood processors

Japa® firewood machines are designed and manufactured in Laitila in Western Finland with decades of experience. Japa® is one of the market leaders in the professional sector and many recreational users also rely on our machines.

All Japa® machines are designed by our own product development team. We pay particular attention to product safety which is why our products feature extensive covers and shields, an automatic stop function and other product innovations that keep our customers safe. For us every detail matters – the splitting blades are of the best quality and we only use motors from well-established international brands such as Honda and Briggs & Stratton.

We have manufactured Japa® firewood machines with care and excellent craftsmanship in Laitila since 1977 offering top-quality machines for both professional and recreational use.

Firewood processors / Firewoor production machines

What we offer

Under JAPA product names, we Laitilan Rautarakenne Oy, provide latest technology for firewood production. Our product range covers home-users and a large selection of firewood machines until the factory-sized firewood producers globally.

Our newest innovations with JAPA 435 with Perfect Split® and Perfect Clean® are patented and with the help of innovations like these the end users are more satisfied with the firewood size and cleanliness.

Also our entry level JAPA 235 is economically solution and thanks to its size it can easily be brouhgt to different and un-easy accessible places for use.

What we are looking for

My task is to develop the existing and new export markets globally by finding new distributors or dealers for JAPA machines.

Through the new and existing innovations of JAPA I am solving the problems in professional firewood production as also introducing the new smaller size "entry-level" firewood processors. With the help of our technological innovations, customer support (onsite and online) and overall aftersales will help me find more competetitive advantage on existing market areas.

My task is to search actively, completely new market areas through contacts reached from exhibitions as well as through internet- and direct marketing.

My global experience, knowledge and contacts from wood handling and processing from stumb to factory will help me to be successfull on totally new markets and provide also an overall machinery to cover the needs of customers.

Overall introduction of low end & low investment solutions to wood processing in developing forestry countries is also included in my tasks.


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  • Machinery and equipment for forest management, municipal applications and landscape care
  • Energy Plants Production/ Renewable Raw Materials


Export Manager

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