We are a Danish Company producing micronutrients and spraying additives (e.g. adjuvants "glue", ammoniumsulphate)


What we are looking for

Hiring agronomists with insight into the fertiliser industry.

BioNutria is looking for agronomists to work in sales and product support in Germany, Benelux, France and England.

About BioNutria

BioNutria was established 15 years ago and is a Danish company that produces and supplies liquid fertilisers, micronutrients and additives for the farming industry, golf courses and private gardens.

We sell fertiliser for farming in most of Northern Europe and have increased sales to the farming industry six fold over the past three years.

We have a strong brand and a simple business form, with direct trade from factory to farmer.

We wish to reinforce and expand market shares in Northern Europe and are therefore hiring locally based staff with insight into the markets of each country.


  • Fertilizing


Sales representative

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