Electronic control and weighing systems for Agricultural Machineries

DIGIDEVICE, company founded in 2004, designs and develops innovative electronic controls and weighing systems for agricultural machineries.
Our deep know how in software, hardware and mechanics allows us to apply the most updated
technologies to the sectors of electronic control systems for agricultural machineries, with the
aim to improve efficiency, easiness and safety of the systems, becoming a reliable partner for agricultural
machineries manufacturers and new products development.

DIGIDEVICE product range is composed of:

- Electronic control and weighing system for Diet Feeder Mixers
- Electronic control and weighing system for Spreader Fertilizers and Muck Spreaders and variable rate management
- Electronic and Hydraulic control for Round baler, Bale wrapper, Slurry tank, Silage wagon, Grain cart, Self-loading wagon, Bale shredder.
- Weighing and batching systems for industrial application
- Customized electronic according to the customer's specifications

Modular electronic control systems for agricultural machineries

What we offer

DIGIDEVICE provide electronic control and weighing systems for agricultural machineries based on control units developed and designed by DIGIDEVICE.

Here below some examples:

- Diet Feeder Mixers
- Round Balers
- Slurry Tankers
- Muck Spreaders
- Spreader Fertilizers
- Salt and Lime Spreaders
- Bale Wrappers
- Bale Shredders
- Silage Wagons
- Self-loading Wagons
- Self Bale Loaders

Besides we can offer:

- Weighing systems for Silos
- Weighing systems for Biogas plants
- Weighing systems for Milk Cooling Tanks
- Weighing and automatic batching systems for feed preparation

What we are looking for

- We are interested to get in contact with MACHINE MANUFACTURERS open-minded that are looking for innovative electronic control systems to be applied and used on it.

- We're looking for distributors and dealers active within the agricultural machinery manufacturers which has knowledge in Electronic, Weighing systems or Hydraulic valves and components.


  • Transport technology
  • Fertilizing
  • Harvesting
  • Harvest conditioning, conveying, preservation and storage
  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing
  • Equipment and software for process optimization
  • Components, spare parts, accessories


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