Grain drying and processing

Antti-Teollisuus is a grain drying & grain processing equipment supplier. We are positioned in Finland.
Antti has supplied quality grain drying equipment since 1952.

Antti is well-known for it's cutting edge grain drying technology. We offer our MF MIXFLO ja DF DUOFLO series for large scale of farming customers.

Antti grain drying heaters are utilizing the heat exchanging technology to produce quality and pure grain & cereals for food, feed, seed and malt.

Today Antti offers also biomass fires bioheaters for grain drying. The new selection of Antti VACBOOST bioheaters has a range up to 1600 kW. Bioheater series are offered in range between 400-1600 kW. HIPRESS (pressure version) and VACBOOST (suction version) options are available.

Antti Grain Processing

What we offer

Grain drying and processing.
Antti offers grain dryers and related equipment for post-harvesting processing.
Antti grain drying technology is known for efficient & gentle grain processing during the drying. The result is top quality grain which fulfils all requirements for natural and pure food, feed, seed and malt.
NEW Biomass fired Antti bioheaters to utilize renewable energy within grain drying. Bioheaters are offering an option to save up to 70% in drying costs when oil is replaced with wood chips. Our bioheaters are having a wide range of biofuels: wood chips, peat, pellets, corn cobs, sorting residues from the grain processing. Bioheaters are offered in range between 400-1600 kW.

What we are looking for

Antti is looking for resellers and distributors.
We are interested in to build-up a strong connection between a local representation and our Antti headquarters in Finland.
Antti grain dryers are a modular product range to offer the equipment to farmers in arable farming. Antti dryers are having a large scale of options for smaller or larger scale drying demand.
Antti is using it's own heaters with heat exchangers for large scale of fuels from oil to biomass.
The Antti bioheaters are a great opportunity to save in drying costs and use renewable energy in the heat production for the grain drying process.
We believe that we have a perfect match to large scale of demands in grain drying in the field of arable farmers & farming.
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