SUNWIN Energy provides you the best service and products with high quality.

SUNWIN is well-experienced in solar industry and a reliable and trusty partnership for you. We provide integration and combination of solar products which differ from other companies. In addition, vertical integration form raw material to solar finished products is one of the new concepts of SUNWIN.

Recently, several solar application products and integration system has revealed.
For example, "BIPV Module", "Plant Factory Project", "Solar Water Pump System", "Portable Solar LED Lighting", "LED Grow Light", "Solar Ground Mounting LED Light"...,etc.

More detailed information could be found at our stand at Hall21 F04.

Water Pump System

What we offer

The water pump system is an integration of "Steel Sheet BIPV Module" and "Solar Water Pump."
The BIPV module could be seen as "Roof" of a warehouse/building and at the same time "Solar Module." This kind of BIPV Module make the original mounting system no longer necessary.
The Solar Water Pump is powered by BIPV module. All the power is from Solar. High performance, Easy-installation and built-in inverter is the main characteristic of this product.
We could offer single components or a whole solution of demand. All the components and system are high quality.

What we are looking for

We are looking for local distributors or partnerships opportunity. We would like to present our solution and products in not only local market, but also whole European countries.
We have faith and are confident of our high quality product, professional knowledge and best service offering.


  • Irrigation and drainage
  • Harvesting
  • Farm inputs
  • Energy Plants Production/ Renewable Raw Materials


General Manager

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