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IPMAX is an Italian company located near Milan.
IPMAX inherited by its founding partners – IWAY and 3TSolutions – a consolidated expertise in planning and implementing mobile networks and radio links. This has become the foundation for its mission to help clients create and manage “smart environments” through enhancing digital processes and connecting systems, people and things.
IPMAX approach – based on a solid mix of TLC and IT know-how - is strongly focused on those areas of solutions and services more strategically linked with the “connected world” (as: network architectures, automation and control, application interoperability)
A flagship of IPMAX offer is AllioT, the system designed to support Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. One of the main AllioT application field is "smart/precision agriculture". Here IPMAX is leveraging its expertise in managing networks, devices and data, in order to design a platform specifically aimed to support agronomists and farmers.

AllioT Agri

What we offer

AllioT is the dedicated brand created by IPMAX for its solutions related to the Internet of Things.
AllioT Agri is a powerful, fully customizable and perfectly scalable solution designed to improve agriculture efficiency while reducing costs and environmental impact.
The solution involves a series of sensors fully integrated in a network able to collect the environment values and transmit them to a web platform, where they are stored and available for both software elaboration and remote control.
Thanks to its background of close collaboration between engineers, researchers and agronomists, AllioT Agri is one of the first solution that puts together “earth” and “sky”, creating a single frame for correlate environmental data collected by sensors with multispectral maps taken by drones.

What we are looking for

AllioT Agri has been developed to meet the needs of small farmers, but it is perfectly scalable on larger volumes for wide farms.
The structural ongoing collaboration with university researchers, allows AllioT Agri to continuously enhance the interpretative models to transform the data collected in usable decision and operation support. This makes AllioT Agri the ideal partner for all the different agriculture players (from farmers and agronomists to “intelligent” machinery manufacturers) willing to go beyond “precision agriculture” and implement a real and viable “decision agriculture”.


  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing
  • Equipment and software for process optimization


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