Spectroscopy NIR

Our company is located in Buenos Aires - Argentina

We manufacture Near Infrared Spectroscopy devices (main target - agricultural and food industry)

TecnoCientifica was founded in 1999. Gustavo Caneda, the founder, with 10 years previous experience in spectrology decides to create a company specifically dedicated to provide service, technical assistance and advice, in the field of quality control and process.

In 2001, the supply of last generation optical and photometric technologies is included in the company portfolio. The decision was not only to import but also to develop and adapt these systems to the specific needs of our users. We design our own spectrometric systems including optical sensors, light sources, fiber optic commuters, electronics and specific software.

We also provide different industries with instruments for quality and process control, representing in Argentina, and in some cases in other countries, international and remarkable companies.

Near Infrared Spectroscopy

What we offer

We manufacture NIR Instruments for quality and process control.

Developing and adapting systems to specific needs, labs, process line, machinery (digital croping).

NIR CROP ANALYZER: On line grain monitoring system for quality control allows to obtain full composition report (Moisture, Protein, Fat, Starch and others) and geo-referenced of any grain being harvesting.

NIR ON LINE: Real time analysis of different kind of products, Multiparameter and multipoint system, Internet and intranet remote supervision, Automatic reference and sampling devices, Remote operation and performance control with sensors, Exclusive optical sensor with NIR light source included, Maximum and minimum alarm levels, Flow control

INLAB PLUS: NIR for lab analysis

What we are looking for

Our target market are agricultural producers, agricultural food industries, food and beverages industries, labs, research and develompment institutions.


  • Harvesting
  • Harvest conditioning, conveying, preservation and storage
  • Fruit, vegetables and other special crops
  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing
  • Equipment and software for process optimization
  • Farm inputs
  • Energy Plants Production/ Renewable Raw Materials
  • Others



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