LSM is a danish company. We have subsidiary in Germany. We manufacture and sell hosepumps (peristaltic pumps) Our pumps can handle fluids that other pumps cannot handle, like slurry with sand and thick slurry with high percentage of dry matter. We can pump slurry over long distances with very low powerconsumption.

LSM ist eine Dänische Unternehmen mit Tochtergesellschaft in Deutschland. Wir produzieren und verkaufen Schlauchpumpen. Unsere Pumpen können schwierige Flüssigkeiten sowie Gülle mit Sand und hohe TS Inhalt pumpen. Wir pumpen über lange Anstände ohne Druckstationen und mit sehr niedrige Energieverbrauch.

Slurry pumps

What we offer

Hosepumps (Peristaltic pumps)

Hose pumps are very efficient for pumping slurry. We can pump slurry with high dry matter content, slurry with sand and smaller foreign objects,

Hose pumps are very energy efficient, typically working on less than half the energy consumption of other pumps.

What we are looking for

We look for customers in the biogas and agricultural sectors.

Enquieries from endusers as well as dealers are welcome. Our primary target area is Europe. However, we are happy to consider contacts from overseas also.


  • Farm inputs
  • Components, spare parts, accessories
  • Energy Plants Production/ Renewable Raw Materials
  • Others


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