Performance tuning

Developed since 1991 to support the rising needs in car racing and competitions, the ‘Tuning Line’ introduced by Dimsport integrates an extensive range of add-on modules with a professional tuning system developed for the electronic recalibration of the Engine Control Unit. This approach fulfils a wider range of vehicles supported and a complete platform for the customization of the engine working.

For more than twenty years, Dimsport has been synonymous of electronic tuning in the Automotive field all over the world: a complete and modular high-tech tuning line for professionals, 100% made in Italy, available for any kind of vehicle available today even with dynamometers and road simulators.

ECU tuning solutions and add-on modules

What we offer

Dimsport takes in great consideration the needs and requests coming from the agricultural field: ‘performance’ in this context has to be interpreted as the possibility to operate in a more efficient way, increasing the work and reducing the fuel consumption.

Dimsport offers:
Plug & Play add-on modules to improve the torque delivery and reduce the consumption without losing the original ECU parameters.
Tools for the recalibration of the engine control unit: complete tuning system providing OBDII & BDM/JTAG tools for tailor-made engine performances.
Dynamometers and road simulators: diagnostic tools crucial for testing performance of any vehicle in the safest way.


  • Tractors
  • Transport technology
  • Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring and weighing
  • Equipment and software for process optimization


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