Grain cleaners and grain dryers

CFCAI is a French private company located in the north of France.
150 full time employers
Present all around the word, more than 70 representatives
Thousands of references
The specialist of the Post-harvest, European leader for these activities, in the employ of the harvest mechanization and preservation (all cereal, corn, pea, rape, sunflower, soya, paddy, coffee, cocoa…)
Our TECHNOLOGIES are regrouped around trademarks: LAW and SATIG for the dryers and MAROT for the cleaners, graders and processing of any kind of grain and seeds.

Grain cleaner from 5T to 400T/h - Grain dryer from 5T to 200T/h

What we offer

- 75 years of innovation and improvement in the field of post harvesting technologies.
- A constant will to solve the customers requirements
- Reliable, secured and highly performant equipment’s.
- Over 30 years of experience in the Export business
- A worldwide experience with installations all over the 5 continents for many years.
- A large range of source of energy used: gas, fuel oil (diesel or heavy fuel), steam, electricity, coal, wood, straw, rice husk...
- Environment respect


  • Harvest conditioning, conveying, preservation and storage


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