fluid power systems

Brevini Fluid Power was founded in 2003 by the union of companies from the
fluid power sector. It is a main
hub for made in Italy businesses
in the mechathronics sector which
includes, besides Brevini Fluid Power
in Reggio Emilia, OT Oil Technology in
Parma, as well as BPE Electronics in
Novellara, VPS Brevini in Bologna and
Brevini Fluid Power Yancheng in China.
Brevini Fluid Power positions itself
among major producers of hydraulic
components in Italy and Europe. The
network made up of 14 branches
in Italy, France, England, Holland,
Germany, Finland, China, India,
Singapore and USA is combined with
the capillary network of distributors
to ensure a presence worldwide
on seven product lines.
Brevini Fluid Power is part of Brevini Group, a hub that also includes Brevini Power Transmission
and Brevini Gear. The Brevini Group offers 10lines of products
and has a turnover of Euro 410 million with 2,450 employees and
production units in Italy, Germany, China, United States and Brazil.

Fluid power and power transmission components


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