Grain handling equipment

TORNUM is a Swedish market-leading global supplier of grain handling equipment. Using the latest technology within production and project design, we produce, develop and design the grain handling systems of tomorrow.

In order to meet the high demands of grain industries in terms of quality, environment and energy-efficient equipment, TORNUM offers a broad range of products specially designed for the industry. In addition to turnkey installations, we offer consultancy services, training and project design, plus inspections and redevelopment of existing systems.

We serve our customers through our head office in Sweden, subsidiaries in Poland, Hungary, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and the Ukraine or via representatives in other countries.

We are looking for distributors and partners wordwide and focus is now for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Kazakstan and Germany.

A market-leading grain handling supplier

What we offer

TORNUM offers complete grain handling systems and with our experience in the industry, we find tailor-made and eco-friendly solutions with a high capacity and efficiency in partnership with the customer.

TORNUM manufactures a wide range of dryers, from small batch dryers to ultra-high capacity continuous mixed flow dryers with and without heat recovery systems. In all our dryers, we are using the highly efficient mixed flow principle to assure a gentle and even drying for maximum grain quality.

What we are looking for

TORNUM has, with experience and a strong brand, grown into a market-leading global supplier and we are looking for distributors and partners worldwide and mainly in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Kazakhstan and Germany.


  • Harvest conditioning, conveying, preservation and storage
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