Precision Farming / UAV

agri-copter is located in Germany, Austria and Italy.
agri-copter provides UAV based technology and services for different agriculture application. We use our UAV (or 'drones') not only to capture airborne sensor data (aerial images, DGM, NDVI, etc.) but also to spread material on the fields, when this can not - due to growing crops or difficult soil conditions - be handled by tractors.
On AGRITECHNICA 2015 we demonstrate our new flying robot application for Biological Pest Control (e.g. spreading Trichogramma against corn borer).

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agri-copter: innovative drone (UAV) services

What we offer

Development and provision of 'flying robot' developments for agriculture based on UAV technology.

What we are looking for

Customers and sales partners.


  • Mobile loading machines
  • Plant protection
  • Equipment and software for process optimization


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