Open field Agricutural exhibition

Our company organizes Expoagro, “Caminos y Sabores”; among other regional events that are also organized by Exponenciar S.A. Conformed at the end of 2006 by the two most important newspapers of Argentina: Clarín and La Nación; to strengthen promoting actions in the agricultural, farming and food sector.
Since that integration, in March 2007 Expoagro was held, gathering strength since its first edition with a complete display of goods and services for the agricultural and farming sector, and prominence of the main argentine companies and distinguished international visitors of the entire world.
Throughout the years, some other similar events were added, defining a network platform, as meeting places, and business generation; for the wide agrifood production network of Argentina.
Expoagro is an annually held, open-field agricultural exhibition in the heart of the Argentinean so called “pampas”, the most productive and highly potential region of the country.

Open field Agricultural Exhibition

What we offer

Your chance to visit and make business with Argentina.
No-till system technology.
Business rounds.

Other events such as food exhibitions.

What we are looking for

Potential international exhibitors for our exhibition.
Potential buyers of Argentinean products / machinery.
Potential partners: exhibition organizers.
Trends in technology / contents for our exhibition


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Chief of International, Marketing and Communication

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