manufacturer of manure pumps, mixers and separators

Euro-P provides pumps, mixers and separators for liquid manure. Euro-P has extensive experience in the field of liquid manure handling. Euro-P pumps, mixers and separators deliver reliable high performance under demanding conditions in agriculture and waste water treatment applications. The Euro-P range of products includes classic long-shaft pumps driven by electric motors or PTO-shaft, submersible pumps and submersible mixers, slurry separators plus a comprehensive set of accessories.

liquid manure roller separator

What we offer

Euro-P offers roller press separators for liquid manure.
Euro-P roller presses technically stand out in demanding application fields where the input material contains e.g. sand loads. Due to the nature of the roller press it separates nearly without applying any friction and proves to be very wear resistant. It also works without the need to build up a plug, enabling it to reliably separate thin and watery liquids out of the box. Low energy demand (only 1.5kW) and high throughput make the machine stand out from other separation techniques.
Mechanical separation recovers valuable fertilizer from liquid manure as a high percentage of nutrients end up within the separated solids.

What we are looking for

Euro-P is looking for customers wanting to install and operate the machine e.g. at piggeries, dairy farms or fermentation plants. Preferred use cases include piggeries with the intention to reduce the nutrient load of the liquid manure; generally all use cases where the liquid manure or substrate from fermentation plants contains abrasive content (e.g. sand).


  • Fertilizing
  • Energy Plants Production/ Renewable Raw Materials


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